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Tools You Need to Change a Tire
Spare tire (Not all modern cars come with a spare tire, consult your owners manual)
Lug wrench
Other helpful Items Include
Tire gauge
Flashlight with working batteries
Flares and reflective triangles
Gloves - Leather is ideal since it works well in a variety of weather conditions
Wheel wedges

Find a Safe Spot
Slow down, put your hazard lights on, and find a safe place to change your tire. If you can, try to pull over to a flat, paved surface. It is best to get as far away from traffic as possible.

Steps to Changing a Flat Tire

. Engage the parking brake

 . Place flares or reflective triangles behind your vehicle for safety

 . Place wheel wedges against the tires opposite of the flat. This will help keep your vehicle secure while it's on the jack

 . Move the jack underneath the car. Reference your vehicle owner's manual for the proper location and how to work your jack

.Raise the jack up until the flat is approximately 6 inches off the ground. Warning: Do not put any part of your body under the vehicle!

 . Remove the hubcap or wheel cover by using the flat end of the lug wrench to pry the cover off. (If your lug nuts are exposed, skip this step)

.Unscrew and remove lug nuts by moving in a star pattern, so you're never loosening lug nuts which are immediately adjacent to one another.

.Place the lug nuts somewhere safe as you will need them to secure the spare tire

.Remove the flat tire from the hub. Grab the flat securely with both hands and pull toward you. Set it aside safely.

.Align the spare with the exposed lug bolts. Push it in place.

.Replace and tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern, so you're never tightening lug nuts that are immediately adjacent to one another.

 .Lower the jack carefully until the spare tire holds the entire weight of the vehicle 

.Remove the jack.

.Replace the hubcap or wheel cover, if you have one.

.If you have a tire gauge, check the pressure on your spare.

.Once your spare is safely and securely on your car, drive to the closest repair facility. 

.Driving long distances at high speeds on a spare is not advisable

          Safety should always be your top priority
Keep this in mind when deciding whether to DIY or call for help.

Flat Tire Repair